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Niko Organics, the NEW standard in Organic Skin Care...Feel the Strength!

Named #1 Certified Organic Skin Care, Niko is the frontrunner in USDA Certified Organic Skin Care. Niko new and innovative line of facial skin care has introduced new awareness to the consumer; 'sort or organic' products are no longer the accepted standard, Niko's Certified Skin Care line establishes new heights for true organic integrity. Backed by the the USDA Organic seal on every bottle, Niko Organic ingredients contain the highest level of skin protecting antioxidants and anti-aging Vitamin C (key factors to promote healthy, young looking skin). The USDA Organic Association is the strictest organic standards in the world, requiring 95%-100% organic content and forbidding non-organic content, such as; petrochemicals, toxic presevatives, hydrogenation, sulfation, fillers or perfumes (components that can contribute to skin damage and/or irritantation). Have a Niko Organic experience today!

Niko line of products also include Medi-Grade Anti-Aging Skin Care, High-Definition Make-Up, and Sulfate Free Hair Care.

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